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The Caterpillar Shirt

August 28, 2010

This blogging and crafting thing is a lot harder than it looked! Since I still need to take pictures of the current WIPs I thought that today I would share a project from last January that I found on my camera. (Give me credit for trying, please.)

Last December I was frantically sewing a present for my sister, Erin, and needed something to occupy my two-year-old son, Fionn McCool, for a few minutes. Fionn loved The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle so I searched for a coloring page for him online and found this. Fionn loved it and I went back to ripping out seams. A few minutes later Fionn asked me, “You make Fionn caterpillar shirt too?” How could I refuse? And this idea was born:

It took me a long time to make this since a) this was my first experience sewing a knit in a sewing machine, b) the sewing machine I was using was not fancy and possibly possessed by a demon, c) I started by doing the caterpillar in sections of fabric and realized that was ridiculous, and d) I am just SLOW.
However, you too can make this shirt using the coloring page as a “pattern” of sorts. I used a white Hanes t-shirt, a scrap of Very Hungry Caterpillar fabric from Andover, and embroidery floss to embellish it. I loved it so much I made three more for Fionn’s cousins. And Fionn wanted to wear them all!

In case you are wondering what I made with the rest of my Hungry Caterpillar fabric that the aforementioned “scrap” came from… well, let’s just say it is a WIP quilt for Fionn’s bed. Since I made a commitment to blog about my projects (and I wanted to buy more fabric but needed the space) I have been able to pull the quilt back out. Yah for me! It is now in my sewing machine being quilted – ok, waiting to be quilted because I am here, typing. Pictures of the quilt will appear here eventually because I will absitively posolutely finish that project!

Happy Fionn McCool

– Amy

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