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Picture for Fionns’ Binder

September 2, 2010
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The start of the official “school year” and we all have a list of supplies to provide. Even in preschool! Fionn needed a binder to collect artifacts of his artwork over the next year in 3K and I could not bear to send a plain ol’ white binder that would end up with his name scribbled in magic marker on the spine. Sigh. The lack of imagination…

Since Fionn loves trains I took some coloring pages and adjusted them to fit on one page as an insert for the cover of his binder. I also adjusted the images a bit to make the trains reflect his preschool (i.e. the 3K room, the “monkeys” group, etc.). I just hand drew them and colored them in with my Sharpie marker/pens. Then I scanned the image to share with you. It looks better in real life, I swear.

All aboard!

Ok, I know a few things about technology but I have yet to figure out what program(s) people out there are using to draw graphics for the computer. For example, how could I have drawn a train for Fionn on my computer so that the finished image would be better, and could be printed off for the binder? If anyone ever actually reads this blog, sees this post, and can offer some insight into software (Mac-friendly) that I should check out I would be very appreciative! Not get-naked appreciative though. Just saying…

One last note: The name cloud on the train picture was photoshop’d to show the name of Fionn – not his REAL name. Yes, that is correct. Fionn McCool is his moniker for the world of Absitpos: Absitively Posolutely. We change names here to protect the innocent… except ours. Maybe we are not so innocent? Seriously, I am named Amy, and as far as I know my sister is named Erin. Of course, we have been called a lot of other names growing up. We even answer to some without a thought. Our parents have trouble with getting the correct name out of the chute. What parent doesn’t? I admit I called Fionn by the dogs name the other day, and called him Erin last week. What the __?!?

~ Amy

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