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DIY Shark Shirt & Shorts

September 20, 2010

This summer I found cute tropical fabric at Hancock’s on sale – cheap! Cheap fabric is perfect for making a toddler some summer shorts, especially one that is all boy. I pulled a cute pattern for shorts from a recent investment I made – Ottobre Design magazines. (I love Ottobre!) Specifically, the shorts I made were design #23 from the 2009 Summer issue. I used 100% cotton fabric with a tropical/island design on red.

First attempt at summer shorts for Fionn.

What I hope you cannot see in the picture is how the waistband was put on the shorts backwards/inside-out. Yep, if a drawstring were placed in the casing it would tie on the inside. And I did the top stitching from the inside so there are some serious issues with prettiness too. The good news is that the shirt I pair the shorts with covers up the waist and it still looks nice.

Fionn needed more than one pair of shorts so I gave this pattern a second attempt and it went better than the first. I used a blue tonal fabric with a shark motif of great white and hammerhead shark outlines. It took me two weeks to make these shorts because, unlike a lot of the other craft/sewing bloggers out there, I am not a stay-at-home mother. However, I often get to work from home and I have started using my work “breaks” to sew for ten minutes or so. After two weeks of working on one pair of shorts I was so thrilled to finish that I was madly clipping threads in a frenzy of excitement and snipped a hole right in the rear, just above the corner of a pocket. And in the scrap bin it was tossed.

Shark Shorts

A couple of days later I was lamenting my woes to my sister, Erin, who had the bright idea of patching it. Patching it? She suggested a fish. I thought to myself – yes, that may work. I finally pulled those shorts out, looked at the fabric and thought – what about a shark?

I searched for shark coloring pages and found this picture. Using the coloring page I made this:

Applique for T-shirt

And I placed a hammer as the patch on the shorts.

Hammer applique used to patch hole.

The hammer and tools were so tiny I had to find one piece of material that would look good for the entire tool. I used scraps from this project and placed the hammer over one of the cocktail glasses to get the two different colors for the head and the handle. Here is the entire outfit:

And on the little man:

If this gives you any ideas, I would love for you to share them.

~ Amy

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