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Making Old New Again: Recovering a Cushion

October 2, 2010

Our father celebrated his 60th birthday this past month and all he wanted was a trip to Ireland – and for me to recover his old cushion. The cushion had seen better days, in fact the material on it was ripped and rotting. It was pretty nasty. I wish I had taken a picture of the remains left on the floor after I ripped it all off – there was a pile of unidentifiable debris (and it smelled bad). Here is what I grabbed to document what was left:

The cushion itself was still in pretty good shape, and that was the part my dear ol’ Dad was so fond of. Besides, why throw out the old cushion for a new when you can up-cycle it?

I found this scrap of pin-striped fabric that I thought would look great in his car (where he uses the cushion the most – he drives a lot). I used some Gutermann heavy duty thread to sew it all together, partly by machine and by hand.

I had some trouble with tacking it in the middle. I think it looks good, but I am skeptical about how well it will hold up under use.

If only we could make our old selves new again so easily, eh?

I have a couple other sewing projects in the works which I will share soon. I am also taking some time to learn how to use my camera better. I went to the public library for some books to get me started. I love the library! Now for the rest of my day – I am spending the afternoon with my sister while Fionn spends time with my parents! Yay! Then family dinner, cake, and presents this evening. Double-Yay!!! Happy belated birthday to me!!!

~ Amy

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