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Roll Tide Tshirt Remake

October 7, 2010

Football is like religion here, maybe even bigger. Especially SEC football. Poor Fionn has been the only child at preschool not sporting team colors every Friday. Well, no more! My father gave us a shirt he found for Fionn, ensuring he would sport the proper team colors. The only problem – he needed ten years to grow into it.

So, I pulled out my Ottobre magazine from 2009 (summer- 3/2009) and using pattern #24, the Bama shirt, and an old black shirt of Fionn’s, I made this:

Some of my topstitching is a little messy/ squibbly (is that a word?) but this was my first sewing experience with jersey. It took me two attempts to do the collar but I learned an important lesson: mark where the collar ends and the “quarters” of the pieces. My first attempt had the collar continuing down the shoulder! I guess when you stretch you don’t need to stretch THAT much.

I made the shirt in a size 104cm, and I think it is a little too big. But at the rate Fionn is growing….

What do you think?



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