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Dish Cloths and Hand Towel

October 14, 2010

My mother-in-law’s birthday was in August. She always says not to get her anything. Well, she didn’t say I couldn’t make her anything. So I scavenged the local craft stores for cotton yarn in colors that would compliment her kitchen. I had trouble finding cotton yarn in fall or “grape themed” colors at the end of the summer. So I just chose colors that were close and I knew she would like.

I used Sugar & Cream yarn.  I made the bluish-purple dish cloth in a fan and feather pattern that I found online. I think I found both dish cloth patterns on the Sugar & Cream website. The multi-color dish cloth was done in a garter stitch, knit from one corner out using increases and knit back in to the opposite corner using decreases.

For the towel, I did not use a pattern. I did a seed stitch for the solid color portion. Using the decrease skills I learned on the dish cloth, I made the hanging end. By doing a yarn over in the middle of a row near the end of the tab, I was able to create a button hole. I used a decorative button on the right side and a clear button on the wrong side. This helped to stabilize the button on the knitted fabric. As you can see, the towel rolls around the edges. I will definitely have to work another towel and see what I can do to give the next one a better shape with no rolling.

Despite the rolling, my mother-in-law loved her gifts!


~ Erin

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