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Christmas Crafts

November 5, 2010

Our two readers may have noticed we haven’t posted much lately. In my defense I have been busy with Fionn, a dissertation, two conference presentations, laundry, house guests, and the myriad other daily tasks that steal time.  I have been planning some new projects, copying patterns, etc. but I have very little to share of my own work.  However, I do have something to share of someone else’s work.  I am so excited to share it too – I never am up to date on anything, and this is only old news by a couple of days!

Early this morning I was playing on the computer and went to my favorite blogger’s site written by Monica at The Happy Zombie.  She has no idea that I exist but I love everything she does.  She even inspired me to start this blog.  And I love zombies, so…. Monica informed me that little ol’ me could access the latest and greatest and FREE publication on the web called Inspired Ideas, the Christmas edition. Yay!

I immediately went there, and after thirty minutes of updating my Java and Flash or whatever (you need it to see the magazine online) I was able to get my fill of the most inspiring pictures and crafts. Even the ads are inspiring! And I think I saw mention of an earlier Autumn edition as well. You must check out the blog – Amy Powers is so talented and giving. Plus, she has the BEST name.


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