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When resolutions don’t work

December 17, 2010

You know when you make a resolution there is a good chance it may not come to fruition. Unlike the diet I start every Monday morning I refuse to give up on this blog. My resolution was to use this blog to encourage myself to finish my projects, not become overloaded by projects and a blog. I have been successful in keeping the blog from taking too much time (look around, not very impressive, eh?) but I am still neck-high in unfinished projects. Maybe it would be better to call them WIPs (works in progress) since I intend to finish them, dang-it!

You would think I would have a lot to show for my blog absence…sorry, I am mostly sharing WIPs and excuses.

First, the excuses:

1.) I went to two work related conferences where I presented on the first day of each. And one of them was out of the country! Ok, only British Columbia, but I had to bring my passport.
2.) I have been busy with work, life, etc. and I discovered RSS feeds (worse than Facebook for wasting my time).
3.) Um…I am ADD?

Ok, maybe I don’t have good excuses for sharing finished projects here lately. So I guess I will share WIPs now:


repurposing jersey

repurposing a $4 mens T-shirt

The start of my first mug rug!


Hungry Caterpiller Quilt

Yep, still quilting this!



Wallhanging waiting for binding


Not pictured: felt food for Fionn (try saying that five times fast), including Christmas cookies & clothing, clothing, clothing. Mostly I just have patterns ready to go, nothing cut yet. I eventually bought Fionn some clothing on the clearance rack at Target this week when I realized he was down to three pairs of pants and two shirts that fit him. With the number of accidents he has that is a load of laundry every day and he is naked by 4pm. Enough mommy-talk. Back to crafty stuff:

And now for a peek at a few things I have accomplished:


Macro View

Learning to use my camera


Pumpkin Time
Learning to use camera – and getting pumpkins!



"I want all of these Mom."

Helping us select pumpkins

My big helper!

Halloween night

Our jack-o-lanterns!

Fionn's 3rd Birthday Celebration



Not pictured: Christmas stocking for Fionn to take to preschool… there has to be something else! Oh, well.

I plan to share specifics of some of the items I mention here in future posts. I especially liked how Fionn’s birthday cake turned out so I will give details later about how it came together. So please check back. I’ll try to not be such a stranger (I really want to keep our four readers, I swear).


p.s. Anyone heard from Erin? Just kidding. She is fine, but I haven’t seen any of the knitting she tells me she is doing. {hint, hint}


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  1. January 5, 2011 10:30 PM

    Well, I have this horrible habit of knitting things for others. I usually finish them the day I am going to give them their item. Which means I don’t take pictures or blog about them. Sorry! I have finished one baby blanket and three scarves since you last heard from me! I am almost finished with another baby blanket (which will be mailed to its recipient). So, I will have a pic of that one soon. Also, I only recently got a pic of the sign I made for Dr. Dark. I will blog on that one this weekend. I will also try harder to blog! I’m not having a hard time finishing the WIPS. I just stink at blogging. But thanks for reading!
    My current project is an infinity scarf. I am making it up as I go along. I have not used a pattern at all. It is not going well. I have frogged it at least 4 times now…Rip it, rip it!


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