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Valentine Monster Cards

February 11, 2011

Amy: What party? What’s this “Valentine’s Day” stuff?

Preschool Teacher: Really?

Ok, I admit I lose track of time, forget pseudo-holidays, events, and appointments on a regular basis. And I admit I have never been fond of VD (Valentine’s Day), and not because I am bitter about love or anything. Tell me you love me every day, and surprise me with flowers because it is Wednesday, not because rampant consumerism tells you to once a year.

{sigh} Enough of my soapbox.

For some mysterious reason children love to celebrate – everything! I knew I couldn’t let VD go unrecognized. And I couldn’t stomach passing out Disney characters printed on pieces of paper. I wanted something Fionn and I could make together (as much as a 3yo can).

Luckily, I found this great idea at Make and Takes and completely “stole” the idea. Even down to the color of the card. I am shameless.

I found (almost) all my supplies at my local Hobby Lobby. I picked up the scrapbook paper for 50% off, and the heart doilies for 40% off. Sweet! I had a variety of sizes of googly eyes in my craft bin that I bought at a dollar store last year.

I stacked my papers up and drew my little monster shape on the back side of one, then cut through the stack. I was able to cut four monsters at a time this way.

I intended to stay with my “stolen” idea and only put one eye on each monster, but Fionn disagreed. So we had a variety of monsters.

We made 23 cards!

Fionn loved gluing the eyes on the cards! And I loved where he put the eyes on this one:

The best part was seeing Fionn so proud of his work! He couldn’t wait to surprise his Gigi and Buppa with his cards. And when we brought them to preschool this morning he was about to burst from the praise his teacher gave him! So cute!!!

Maybe celebrating VD, er, Valentine’s Day can be fun! I am nearly a convert.


2 Comments leave one →
  1. February 11, 2011 12:17 PM

    Soooo darling. They turned out perfect. And it’s not stealing 🙂 I’m happy that you copied everything, that’s what I’m here for!! And I love the multiple eyes, so great!

  2. Lee permalink
    March 3, 2011 8:38 PM

    LOVE the monster cards! WAY cuter than store-bought ones! 🙂

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