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30th Birthday Cupcake Toppers

April 1, 2011

Recently we threw a birthday party for our friend Marie. It was her big three-oh. {shhh, don’t tell}  She had lamented the fact she is pregnant and couldn’t celebrate the big birthday event in high cocktail style. So Erin and I thought it would be fun to throw her a pretty, pretty princess birthday party complete with a 1990’s edition of Barbie “Queen of the Prom” board game, tiaras, sashes, and rings. And lots of PINK!

After amusing ourselves with this silly fantasy we remembered … the husbands! So we turned down the volume on the princess party, but kept the pink.  Erin and I found fuchsia pink and black plates and napkins at a Party City store. Some had crowns and polka dots, and a set of cocktail napkins were discovered with “Flirty, Fabulous, and Thirty” printed on them – again in black on fuchsia! We even found black and pink “diamond” rings that light up, and tiaras for all the female guests.

Ok, so maybe we didn’t turn down the volume that much. But we didn’t make the guys dress up or play a silly game or anything. Although “Pin the Boobs on the Bimbo” certainly would have been a big hit.

To finish off our decorating scheme I dug around the internet and looked at the crown printed on our decorations and made up my own version – in FUCHSIA PINK!  I added the “30” to the top, printed it out on cardstock, and cut it out.  Erin found bamboo skewers at the dollar store and we glued some Wilton brand candy wrappers, flattened out, to each side of the skewer, with the crown glued on one side.

I think we made 17 of these, but then ran out of time and just glued the crowns straight to the skewers for the remaining 12 toppers. (Yes, we had 30 cupcakes too. One cupcake went topless so we could put candles in it later.)

Of course, I forgot to take pictures of the napkins, other decorations, etc. But I have a few pictures of the toppers! And I will share them with you.  Click here for a .pdf of the Crown Cupcake Toppers.

If you use them I would love to see a picture. Thanks!


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